I've only recently become interested in fountain pens.

Pilot Metropolitan, M
Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Green

Platinum Preppy, F (0.3)
Noodler's Kiowa Pecan
(I decided to write something profound at the end.)

Gazing Far tm2, Bocote wood, black (gunmetal gray?) stainless steel cap
Schmidt iridium nib, F
Noodler's Heart of Darkness
(the paper here is Tomoe River 68gsm, cream)

I'm currently writing in an unlined Life (L!fe) Noble notebook with cream paper. For some reason, I don't like white paper that much, and I'm mainly using black & brown inks anyway. I'm seriously considering buying a notebook with Tomoe River A4 cream-colored paper next time, but that's NOT going to be cheap.