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    Aug 2018
    Lost in the woods of TN and prefer it that way
    I don't write much anymore, except for grocery lists and the like.
    I do prefer to use a Flair-type felt-tipped pen for filling out deposit slip and such, and try to keep one on me whenever I'm out and about. My eyes are not what they used to be, so if I have my contacts in, rather than glasses, I need to carry reading glasses...which I usually forget. The felt-tip throws a broad enough line that I can still muddle through even without the readers.

    As for handwriting... mine looks like I must've gone to medical school... 'cause only a pharmacist has a chance of decoding it, if I get in a hurry. ( There are times I've picked up something I've written in a hurry, a week later, and had no damned idea what I wrote. ( "The dog's in the refrigerator" What the...??? )

    However... in spite my apparent disability with the hand-written word, I can actually draw. And my weapon of choice for that task, for the last nearly-40 years, is a Koh-I-Noor 2mm drafting pencil/lead holder that I got back in the early 80s. I have no idea how many miles of line I've drawn with it, nor how many pounds of graphite I've set to paper. But I know it's a lot, given the number of sketch books I still have laying around.

    If I ever get this book I've started completed, it'll be what I use for any illustrations, maps, or charts I might want or need.
    Unless they need to be inked, then it'll be a brush and a bottle, after the pencil work.
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