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    I like a spring action ballpoint pen, whichever one is near at hand. I like the sound of the click. I don't like traditional pens with caps, because I lose the caps and then then when I stow the sharp inky part in my pocket it makes a hole in my pants, or worse.

    My family moved at the end of second grade, from a district which had not yet taught curvsive to a district where they had. My mother taught me cursive over the summer. Consequently, my handwriting and cursive alphabet are non-standard. But what does it matter. I write fast, and I'm typically the only one who needs to read it.

    I always keep a spiral notebook nearby for writing. When it gets filled, I put it in a box in the attic. I have at lest a hundred of them, the earliest from forty years ago.

    When I write for myself, I always start with a handwritten draft. I can't be spontaneous when I type at the computer so even though I might type fast, my creative composition speed grinds to a halt.

    When I teach in a classroom, I project typed notes on a screen. Or I have students present their own notes on a whiteboard. These tricks minimize my need to reveal my own flawed handwriting to the class.
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