I got my first fountain pen when I was 12 and they have been my analog writing device of choice ever since. I've had pens in many different price ranges, and lost many. Expensive pens are a pleasure, but I quit collecting them after I lost a $400 Conklin. Expensive pens are often beautiful, but I can't say that they write better, although you may have to try and adjust a cheap pens more to get one in your sweet spot. I paid less than $20 for my current favorite. I do find that a good clip is essential to avoid loss and inconvenience.

Don't carry a fountain pen next to your body or in any other warm spot if you can avoid it-- more of a problem for men than women with purses. Warming and cooling the pen affects pressure in the ink reservoir that can screw up the flow.

I don't like disposable pens-- call me a crank, but I like to get used to a pen and use it for years, not replace it every few months.

I use a Noodler Ahab as an everyday pen for around $20. They are meant to be fiddled with, which makes them perfect for me. There's lots of information on messing around with them to be found. Noodler sells them to promote their inks, which are a project in themselves.

Fountain pen writing depends on pen, paper, and ink. Some combinations work much better than others. I have been ready to throw pens away that became my favorite when I found just the right ink for the pen. I prefer good quality printer paper for writing. School notebook paper is a bit too coarse for my taste. Expensive paper is a pleasure, but not worth the trouble for me.

My trick is to print out a sheet with heavy dark lines and then lay a plain sheet over it. The lines show through enough to guide writing. I like the look of even lines on unlined paper and it's less trouble than finding quality lined paper or printing my own lines on every sheet. I have a three hole punch and store written sheets in a ring binder with divider tabs for each project I am working on. I prefer the flexibility of a ring binder to bound notebooks. I also intersperse computer printed sheets with handwritten ones.