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Thread: Happy Fountain Pen Day: Do you use a fountain pen?

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    Happy Fountain Pen Day: Do you use a fountain pen?

    Today is the sixth annual Fountain Pen Day. The official Fountain Pen Day Website explains the history, and provides a lot of information about resources.

    Fountain pens have enjoyed an increase in popularity of late, as people are realizing that they don't have to be prohibitively expensive, they can be a lot of fun, (all those inks in so many colors and shades) and that they're often easier to write with than, say, a ballpoint pen.

    Some ways to celebrate:

    • Write a card, postcard or letter with a fountain pen.
    • Do your NaNoWriMo session with a fountain pen.
    • If you have working fountain pens you're not using, clean them and give them to a friend who might.
    • Post in this spanking new forum for analog tools (non digital non computer).

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