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"A devoutly Catholic high school senior becomes a resilient adult through heartbreak and emotional turmoil, familial and fraternal tragedy, and self-discovery."
All of that can be those things can be quite eventful and it is a solid one-line description. I have found that the harder life is for your protagonist, the better the story builds. Through emotional turmoil and tragedy, does your character end up in an impossible situation? Is he forced into abandoning his principles due the sequence of events? As readers, we want things to get messy. Perhaps your character has a character trait that he may not be aware of, but through his actions, it becomes evident to the reader. Something that has worked for me is to introduce a character that brings excitement, something that perhaps the protagonist lacks.

My current novel deals with some similar themes of paternal tragedy and emotional turmoil, and happens in my character's early twenties. It is certainly a challenge to feel like your story brings enough excitement when it doesn't fall into an exciting genre such SFF, etc.

Best of luck with your story!