Where things stand: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/...ay-countries1/

So, no USA, no Netherlands, no Austria, no Chile, no Ghana, no Cameroon, and no Wales (coming off a Euro finals appearance).

Of course, with those teams out, we'll get to see a few new faces like Iceland, which I think is now the smallest nation (population wise) to every qualify.

Meanwhile, USA Soccer needs a serious reckoning. As much as I enjoyed seeing some long-suffering MLSers make appearances in the last World Cup for the USMNT, it's getting pretty obvious that the MLS isn't getting it done, when it comes to developing talent in the US. Imo, the first thing that needs to happen is an relegation/promotion. That's the only way the US is going to find and develop talent from within. Barring that change, I think that if World Cup qualification is the goal for US Soccer (and it should be), then all young US players in MLS need to get the **** out right now. They're better off playing in Europe, even if it's for a 2nd division team.