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I just looked up their book on Ingram. It is available for bookstores to order with a 5% discount off list price (standard wholesale discount to bookstores is 40-43%). Why bother even putting it on Ingram if the store is only going to make 50 cents? Just so you can say it's there? Because no one's going to order it... We would as a special order at my shop - we are tiny and have close relationships with our customers so we'll take a hit like that once in awhile knowing the overall service we provide is the key to our success. But most stores won't order a book at 5% discount under any circumstances.
I'm not surprised. I asked Robert what his background in publishing was. He danced around the question, then told me he didn't owe me an answer. Which, of course, he doesn't. But data points like this--his refusing to answer a straightforward question, the non-standard 5% discount, the terrible editing--only confirm that he doesn't know what he's doing.