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Thread: Where do I post a blurb for feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by LUNABLUE View Post
    Can we post chapters from our book for feedback in query letter hell too. I have a fair amount of backstory in the opening chapter, and I'm thinking of reworking it into conversation and so on. The feedback would help a lot.
    No, you do that in Share Your Work under whichever genre you're writing in (password is vista) . It's best to read a lot of work before you put anything up for critique, and you won't be able to start a thread of you own - ie: put your own work up for critique - until you've made fifty substantive posts. (Substantive posts are pretty much any posts that show engagement, which is to say any posts that aren't basically 50 Hellos in the newbie threads.)

    Best way to get to fifty posts is to engage a bit in Office Party etc, and especially crit crit crit other people's work in SYW. That way you'll get to know people and you'll get to know their critique styles.
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