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Thread: Awake my Soul

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    Awake my Soul

    As writers who identify as Christian and who seek to write fiction informed by faith, it occurred to me that most of us live within the experience of our own faith traditions, and in our own regions which tend to have their own historical faith flavor. If we wish to write authentically about the experience of another faith tradition within the context of our own writing, then it might be useful to have some reference points for music and service structure. The experience of a Christian rock concert is a very different thing than a Sacred Harp/Shaped note sing. The energy of a Pentecostal service is going to be very different from a Russian Orthodox liturgy. To that end I would like to share some video links to Christian music and service clips across a range of traditions, and invite others to do the same...just no preaching. The idea is to see how wide and varied is the worship and music of Christendom (not delve into theological debates). And in future, if you are a Baptist and need a go-to reference for Ethiopian mezmur, or a German Catholic who wants to get a sense of an Alabama shaped note singing, you might find something useful shared in this thread.

    Shaped Note/Sacred Harp
    Awake My Soul Trailer
    Idumea Second Ireland Sacred Harp Convention:

    Classic Protestant Hymns
    What a Friend We Have In Jesus, Tennesee Ernie Ford:
    How Great Thou Art, Tennesse Earnie Ford:
    A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, Choir:
    Crown Him With Many Crowns, Westminister Choir, Corination anniversary:

    Ethiopian Tewahedo Mezmur(Gospel/spiritual song) and worship. Note they use drums similar to the way Eastern Orthodox use bells in worship.

    Hymn of Intercession:
    Fourth Canticle Chant:

    Arabic Orthodox
    The Angel Cried:

    Assyrian Orthodox (in Georgia):
    Fr. Seraphim, Psalm 16 (MAGNIFICENT)

    Russian Orthodox:
    We Praise Thee (basso profundo)
    Agni Parthene, Valaam Brotherhood Choir [EXCELLENT]
    Pascha (Easter) at Vatopedi Monastery on Mt. Athos (several nationalities present, but mainly in Greek) Begins with the reception of the Holy Fire from Jerusalem...that's the reason for the guards.)
    Russian/Orthodox bell ringing: [PHENOMENAL]
    Russian Bells
    Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Valaam Brotherhood (This is the universal worship service of the Orthodox Church worldwide, what is celebrated in many languages with only small local variations every Sunday, with necessary changes to mark progress on the liturgical calendar throughout the year) [HEAVENLY]

    Greek Orthodox
    Magnify, O My Soul:

    Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (in English by Mt. Lebanon Choir, Byzantine Chant Style). [WOW] (the reading of the Epistle and Holy Gospel around the 23/24 min mark are really stunning)

    Toaca/talanton/semandrone: These are the ancient ancestors of Church bells: [AMAZING]

    World Contemporary
    The Beatitudes (Polish Catholic)
    Tsar Shiman (by Epizod) Bulgarian Rock Opera about Tsar Shiman and Patriarch Eftimi (set when Bulgaria was conquered by the Ottomans)
    Bjork, Jesus Prayer:

    Early Christian Contemporary: Love Song/Chuck Girard, Little Pilgrim:
    2nd Chapter of Acts, Easter Song: [JOYFUL]
    Barry McGuire, Cosmic Cowboy:
    Prodigal Son Suite, Keith Green: [MOVING]

    Passion According to St. Matthew, Alfeyev:
    Passion According to St. Matthew, Bach:
    Spem In Allum, William Tallis: [STUNNING]
    Salva Me, Libera, English boy's choir:
    Angus Dei, New College of Oxford Choir (mixed men and boys)
    Hymn of the Cherubim, Tchaikovsky, USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Choir:
    The Complete Psalter (English Choir)

    Well, that turned out a little longer than planned...but it's all good. I look forward to seeing the Christian music from around the world and around the corner that is the heartbeat of your best writing ever.
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