Hi writers,
how do you name the towns in your western stories?

I don't like to use real towns (unless my stories have a historical character) so I have a good time inventing new names for towns, rivers, canyons, and the like. I have a particular crush for spanish names like Tascosa, Tucumcari, Aguas Calientes, Mariposa... So my towns are called Arrojo Seco, Cascabel, Pozo Alto, Rio Rojo...

But I like english names too! My favorite is Blackwater and so I named the town of one of my stories as Blackstone.

I often use a great book as an help: "Arizona Place Names", since most of my tales take places in Arizona. It's a great reference book, with both english and spanish names. "Wyoming Place Names" and "Colorado Place Names" are pretty good too.