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I briefly tried my hand at teaching when I was much younger. I deeply respect anyone who takes it on. It does sound like you're having to deal with more than you should; a big class filled with kids you don't know very well is often a challenge. Kids who are angels with their regular teachers can be devils when they test the limits of a teacher they don't know (this I know first-hand because I was a brat just like that). But you probably know all that, and I just want to tell you not to put yourself down too much about it. Annoying kids will get under anyone's skin, eventually. They're masters of the art.

The sci-fi book sounds like a good idea if you need some escape. That's a big part of why I read and write. The other book sounds important, but it also sounds like it could be a bit too close to what you're already doing at work? I'm not saying you shouldn't write it. But consider how it may affect you emotionally to work on it after coming home from work. Maybe wait until things are calmer at work (if such a thing is likely to happen) or until you have time off?
I'm a substitute teacher so the classes I teach every day are different (and I work for different schools too) so I'm not always in ESE classrooms. But your point is well taken. I think I'll stick with the sci fi, thanks!