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Thread: Nonfiction credentials

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    The reason why you don't need the book finished is because non-fiction editors will often suggest chapter subjects and where to put them in sequence. IOW, you could save yourself a basket of writing by staying on target with the publishers suggestions/requests. Having been new to the business 30 years ago, I wrote two non-fic books in a row from stem to stern, then subbed them out one at a time. Both sold and did exceptionally well for what they were, but the edits were very heavy. My auto repair book went from 500 pages to 230, Entire chapters were removed and some added. My platform for the auto book consisted of a gaggle of licenses and certificates, showing that I was a master mechanic. I had years and years of working at such a job. They instantly recognized those types of creds for sufficient platform. The Garage Sale book required zero platform because there was nothing ever published like it before.

    So it kind of depends upon your non-fic subject matter. Heck of a platform requirement difference between a book on medical diseases and a book on how to make paper airplanes.

    Related work or OJT experiences can help fortify a proposal, as well as previously published newspaper and magazine articles. I do think expert referrals and letters/testimony from higher educational sources can help. And yes, your degrees are very recognized.

    Non-fiction books are nearly always fact-checked, so do your research diligently.

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