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.22 blanks don't have a wadding. The end of the brass case is crimped closed. See images here.
Depends on the blank.

There are a number of loads for .22 blank cartridges. The standard ones are used in starter pistols, not much powder and a simple crimped case. Others have plastic, wax or even wood wads, depending on exactly what they are, or were, used for. Many .22 blanks are used in non-rimfire weapons using adapters. Wax plugs used to be common in quick-draw demonstrations and practice. Draw against yourself in a plate glass mirror and the wax shows where the hit would be.

.22 rimfire blanks without wadding still can cause injuries and have even caused deaths. In contact with the flesh, the gasses will force through flesh, even penetrate chest cavities. Several contact shots using rimfire blanks against the temple area have caused severe injury and even death over the years.

But the effect all depends on what's needed for the story. Death, severe injury, moderate injury, light injury or just embarrassment.