Just noticed some folks saying a blog is obsolete.

Can be. I think of a series of articles more than a "blog." Here's the thing: new people can discover you through search engines. If you don't have words on your website, what are she search engines going to promote? Blogs aren't obsolete, they're just changing. Newer authors need words on their website. More established authors don't need much more than a presence where people can connect with them.

I've heard people say that you can do this on Facebook or other networks, but I claim that you need to own your presence. Own your name. That way when networks change the rules (Facebook) or go under (MySpace) you're still secure. Other platforms are great ways to funnel people to your website...but the website should be the heart.

Just my 2 cents from years of doing websites and teaching authors about platforms.

Blogs aren't obsolete. They're just changing. Rambling about your toenails (I swear I read a NYT Bestselling Author do that one!) -- now THAT is obsolete. Writing about things that matter to you? That's very in.

We're writers! We have words!

People in other industries are so jealous of writers and their ability to generate words for their websites!