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Thread: Do I Need a Telephone in Addition to a Mobile Phone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by veinglory View Post
    I seems to me that most 911 calls get your location by asking. So this would be quite a lot of money just to account for a scenario where you need emergency help, in your home next to your phone, when you can dial but you can't speak.
    911 calls are tracked if there's no one on the other end, or even if it's a hang up. This happened to a friend who absent-mindedly dialed 911 when he was trying for 411 (directory assistance) and hung up before it rang. Twenty minutes later, two cops showed up at his door. Mortification and explanations followed. I don't know if they can track the location of a cell phone call as easily. It seems like it might be possible if location tracking is turned on.

    The likeliest situation I can think of for needing a "silent" 911 call would be if you awaken in the night and know someone is in the house and don't dare speak in case they hear you making the call, or maybe in a domestic abuse situation, where you need to make a 911 call without the spouse knowing you've done it, or if someone is being assaulted and manages to grab the phone. I suppose it could happen medically too. There have been cases where a service dog dialed 911 (on autodial) when their owner was incapacitated, but that's a situation the person had clearly prepared for in advance because they had a health issue that made it possible they'd need a non-speaking 911 call to go through.

    Whether the extra money is worthwhile would depend on the particulars of one's situation.
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