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Thread: Should I write this?

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    I can't speak for other POC authors but I have no issues with white authors writing POC characters as long as you write us as people and realize we're not just a race or color. Just remember we're human like everyone and you should be okay. Yes, I have seen some POC authors who don't want whites writing POC characters and I understand why. They feel like this due to the racist publishing industry. See, some white people tend to not want to read POC characters unless white people write them. Publishers tend to not want books with POC characters unless white authors have written them. Because white people are the majority and considered the mainstream, this is the audience pubs are more concerned with pleasing. So this is one reason we hear the tired lie that POC books written by POC authors don't sell, which, uh, is not true. It's just that you can't IGNORE our audience and only promote to white readers and be surprised if the books don't become huge sellers. People find white writers writing POC more acceptable than POC authors doing it. So to POC writers this is a big slap in the face and the main cause of some POC authors not wanting whites writing these characters. We often don't get credit for writing our own characters but in fact, shunned.

    I realize, that's not the fault of white authors, it's the racism in the industry. It's been there forever and will probably stay. But, I am all for diversity no matter who writes it but I do wish us POC authors got as much recognition when we write POC characters as white authors do. For example, there have been many black authors who wrote books like The Help (and many were WAY better I might add) before The Help was invented yet wasn't giving mainstream attention or even publishing contracts. I'v even had black authors friends who were rejected for writing POC books yet that same company would turn around and offer deals to whites for the same types of books.

    People can write about what they want is how I feel. I write interracial stories and many of my characters are white. I don't want people saying I can't write whites because I am not so I wouldn't say that to a white author about writing POC characters.

    So, I don't think you should take it personally when some POC authors say whites should not write these characters. Just put yourself in our shoes for a bit and then you can kind of understand why they feel this way. White authors do get credit and contracts for some of the same types of books black authors write everyday yet when we write them it's seen as a negative because we're POC.

    It's effed up but that's the way it is.
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