I've had associations with two agents and neither gave me so much as a crumb of good advice. So your experience MAY be par for the course.

The idea that the general market is full only of sack-scene-novels and graphic sex is just not true. "Sweet" romance is making a comeback big ways in the general market. There is a very healthy set of romance readers who do NOT want to read the lascivious stuff. They DO, however, want to read about two people falling in love. I hear there is even "sweet" same-sex fic, though that idea squicks me out.

You might want to run your novel idea past Desert Breeze Publishing, who doesn't publish smut and who loves the idea of fiction that pushes the borders a bit. You won't make swackloads of money -- they're not that big. But you WILL get publishing credentials and learn how a small press operates. It's been better than gold for me.

I left the CBA-wannabe world behind quite a while ago, and I don't regret it.