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Thread: Maybe I only ever had one book in me

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    Haha I have a bit of the opposite issue. Every time I finish a book, I just want to move on to writing another one, because I think I can do better. I never end up really trying to sell the one I finished. (I'm trying to force myself with this fourth one I finished.)

    There's two reasons for this:

    First is writing for yourself. I know the first user said that, and I find it really important. Write what you want to read. Yes, make sure you write things that are marketable if you wanna sell it, but above all--if you truly write what you want to read (and write it well), then you'll enjoy writing, look forward to it, and be open to the second reason.

    Open your eyes to all kinds of inspiration. All kinds. I've heard songs that sparked my inspiration to write. I've played video games that tickle my imagination. I've heard single lines of dialogue that made me think of an entire plot concept. I was reading a geography book for class, and it talked about "continental drifts." It made me think of paradigm shift. Drifts are like pulling away. Lessening. Paradigm shifts is a change in pattern. So I thought of something called Paradigm Drift, a story concept about a mysterious power that can change every aspect of the world--one's powers, money, lifespan, what cities look like, bringing the dead back--whatever the user wanted. However, they soon learn, that with each use, the world slowly deteriorated. All that from simply reading the word "continental drift."

    Point being, if you recapture your love for writing, you open yourself up to viewing everything in the world as inspiration for ideas. You'll never go dry.


    As for "ideas not being full enough to finish."

    I listen to instrumental music when I write. I collect it and make playlists out of it. I have since high school. I have about 33 playlists, each with an hour long of music. I pick only the best songs, and refuse to add any fluff. However, that means it takes time to collect all the good music. I have a little folder, where I put songs in when I find them. When it reaches an hour or so, I organize them and make a playlist out of it.

    Writing a novel follows a similar path. Going back to the Paradigm Drift, it was a cool idea that sparked my interest, but I couldn't just open my word document and start writing the novel. That wasn't enough for a story. As time went by, I kept collecting inspiration. Ideas that I felt were cool and worked with that idea. Once I had enough that formed a story, I began to write.

    Sounds counterproductive, but open your eyes to all that inspiration, and react to it. However, be patience before you start. Allow ideas to stew, and only let the best of concepts stick together.
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