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The book was pitched to publishers but never published. I have an agent who would be willing to pitch a completed project, but I definitely don't have a script yet. I wonder, would the script be enough, or would I have to already have an artist attached to the project?
Hi there! New to the forums, so I'm not even sure whether or not you'll see this reply. I've been doing this for a while, though, so I figured I'd offer my two cents.

First and foremost, to echo Super_Duper, adapt the prose into a graphic novel manuscript. Don't even worry about finding an artist or pitching until you've done this. A novel and a graphic novel are two incredibly different animals, and if comics are indeed what you want to pursue you will need to utilize the art just as effectively as the text.

Once this step is complete there are several avenues to explore. You can submit to the direct market (Image, Dark Horse, BOOM!, etc.), but you will most definitely need an artist attached. There are forums such as Digital Webbing as well as "Creator Connection" opportunities at conventions to search for a creative partner. If trade publishing is what you're after, as you stated you have an agent, you can certainly ask them about whether or not they'll take on a graphic novel that is script-only. I have found that it is increasingly difficult, and agents are far less likely, to pitch graphic novels without artwork. This is why you see more and more agents who represent graphic novels specifying they are looking for author-illustrators. The other option is to self-publish or garner interest by starting the book as a webcomic, releasing small portions of a page or two at a time.

Anyway, I hope this sheds a little light on the discussion. For a great primer with some further information you can check out https://larawillard.com/2016/03/14/h...raphic-novels/.

Have a great weekend!