I have a medical question: how long can a broken bone (in the leg) remain untreated until there is irreversible damage? I know this is a vague question and I don't know anything about broken bones, but I don't really know yet the circumstances for this character's situation, and actually, I thought your answers would help me decide how to write the story.
The character is female, 18, human, and she gets kidnapped. At some point, her leg gets broken (I don't know how badly, it will depend on your answers) and she's unable to get treatment until she's saved. So, what I'm asking is for you to tell me how long she could stay with an untreated broken leg, knowing that she'll be saved within a few weeks, and she's probably going to get surgery when she's out, but I want her to be able to walk again, whether it's weeks or months later. I hope you can help me with this and once again, I know it's very vague, but I'm going to write my story based on your replies.
If you need more details about the character or the situation or anything really, feel free to ask. Thanks!