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Tell your brain 'and why not?' Tell it that an inordinate amount of cultural output over the centuries has spread the word on romance quite adequately, thanks. Love ain't exactly some great mystery of the universe. Of course aros can write romance. And aces can write erotica. Some are smashingly good at it, too.

as for representation, do it! Do it! Do it!
Thank you for the support. I do know that, I'm just going through a process right now that is a little bumpy. The MOST ridiculous part is, that my for-fun writing for the last decade and a half has been the slushiest romantic fixit fanfic you can possibly imagine. But sexual identity crisis + playing with own characters = massive self doubt apparently. I'll keep coming back to your words for a kick in the pants when I need it, though.

On the representation front, it might be up to the character to let me know which way she swings at this point. I'll keep you posted!