Availability: currently available.

Preferences: I read mainly adult fiction but will read YA if it tends towards the older end of the spectrum. I love anything a bit weird, literary, experimental, dark. Will consider most genres except erotica, horror, or high-fantasy. I am also happy to read short stories and poetry. If you have anything apocalyptic please send it my way.

Beta Style: I use comments + track changes in Word. I will also put my thoughts into a separate document for more detailed feedback in particular areas. I can be gentle if need be, but if something doesn't work for me I will make it clear. Let me know if there are specific things you are looking for feedback on. If not I will give you general comments on flow/character/writing/pacing etc.

Experience: I have beta read for a few people here on AW, and have also critiqued in a writing group.

Timeline: currently 3 weeks.

Contact: if you think we would be a good fit please PM me about your work!