• Availability: I reckon can read about 5K words a week, give or take, and respond meaningfully.
  • Preferences: contemporary fiction, preferably short stories and/or linked short stories (more short stories about the same characters, like Hemingway's Nick Adams stories).
  • What I write: the same - contemporary fiction in the form of linked short stories (see my profile)
  • Beta Style: I like to give you the overall picture of how I think character and story work. I don't like to nitpick (much). I'm generally friendly and I only do (and expect to receive) constructive feedback. I don't expect a swap but if we hit it off well, and I feel our styles and ambitions align, I might ask for it.
  • Experience: I've written fiction in my spare time since 1992 - I have self-published short stories on my own website since 2011. I'm 45 years old and I have a masters in communications and a number of years of experience doing websites and shops for small businesses and generally that kind of life experience you tend to rake up at my age - with deaths in the family, illness and other crap but also the beautiful stuff - travel, raising a family and so on. I read voraciously, everything from the classics to scifi.
  • Timeline: I could likely give you some usable feedback in a week or two, within the word limit.
  • Contact: DM me and pitch - we'll take it from there!