Availability: Currently Available
Preferences: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery (But no Horror). Also please keep it PG rating, I am a Lady, and can be rather sensitive. Also, I prefer Light over Dark stuff. I prefer to have a PDF file format if at all possible. I am not a big fan of Romantic heavy fiction.
What I write: Science Fiction
Beta Style: I will be honest about my feel over a piece. I'll comment about what stands out. If you send me a list of questions I will only open them to read after I finish so they don't affect how I get to know your story. Please send those in a separate file labeled as such, and I'll try to answer them. I will give you any suggestions that come to mind, but don't look for a line by line analysis. And don't count on me to catch your grammar/ spelling mistakes.
Experience: I am rather new at this, I'll admit.
Timeline: Unpredictable,
Contact: Try PM me a summary of what your work is about, and a first page. I'll let you know if it seems like it will work.