Availability: Can take on a short story swap, as that's what I'm primarily working on now. But if there's *chemistry* I could be talked into reading longer works.

Preferences: Short stories (for right now). Anything except romance/erotica or religious/inspirational.

What I write: I'm working on a collection of short stories based on classical mythology, retold as gay fiction. I've written some longer works in that vein as well as fantasy.

Beta Style: Balanced feedback. I share how I'm reacting throughout the manuscript, and I think it's really important to provide at least in equal parts what I liked/feel is strong vs. what I didn't like/might be problematic. I give line comments and big picture feedback.

Experience: I've done about two dozen beta swaps here at AW and elsewhere with I think quite good results. I've also participated in crit groups and workshopping sessions. I've published seven novels with small presses and have an eighth coming out this year. No BFA or MFA degree, but I've taken creative writing courses and more recently participated in conferences and workshops.

Timeline: I'm pretty fast with short stories unless life gets in the way. I do have a day job to pay the bills. But generally with a short story, I can get comments back to the writer in a week or less.

Contact: PM. Tell me a little about your story and we'll go from there!