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Thread: Willing Beta Readers Volume III

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    Rozez Gunzen's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
    • Availability: I am currently available.
    • Preferences: I can read anything, but fiction:horror:apocalyptic (my fave) mystery: thriller etc. are my wheelhouse.
    • What I write:I write thrillers ( latest needs final edit and betas readers right (not asking, just giving progress) I have one book published on amazon: Riding The Apocalypse, and I occasionaly write and do movie reviews for SIERRANEWSONLINE.COM
    • Beta Style:I have read a some betas, and read voraciously. < — pardon the adverb. I think my strength is that I know how to write a page turner. I will let you know when you get lost in the weeds.
    • Experience:2 books Written and thousands read. I am 50 and have been reading my whole life.
    • Timeline:usually a week or two more.
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