Availability: Available now. Just finished my semester, so I'm hoping to get in a few beta-reads this summer.

Preferences: Adult fiction, YA fiction, Romance (adult, ya, contemporary, historical, erotica, suspense), Thriller (with a tilt towards psychological thrillers), Mystery. Will accept SF/Fantasy but it has to be spectacular. I will not make it through a subpar SF/Fantasy novel. Won't read horror.

What I write: I write general adult fiction, YA fiction, but I'm working on a YA psychological thriller at the moment.

Beta Style: Flexible, and I can do what you need. I'll give you an in-depth review of the overarching plot/story no matter what, including comments on narrative style, characterization, pacing, etc. I'll highlight glaringly obvious grammatical and syntax errors, and I'm open to doing a line-by-line critique, but be forewarned, the process will be much more slow-going. If something's not working, I like to make suggestions on how to fix it, that's just the way I operate. I'd prefer an open line of communication, so that questions and clarifications can be made throughout if necessary.If the novel is not something I can make it through, for whatever reason, I'm more than willing to be part of your revising process for a brief time to help kickstart your rewrite. As a final note, whatever I like, I'll make known, and whatever I absolutely love, I'll shower with praise. I'm polite, professional, and I'll give you a thorough review.

Only full-length, polished novels please.

Experience: First time beta-reading, but I have a feeling both you and I will enjoy the experience. I've done chapter critiques, mostly on other platforms, as I'm still somewhat of a newbie here on AW, but the authors have always come away satisfied. I will say this, whenever anyone who knows me has needed any type of writing reviewed and edited, they've always sought my opinion. I'm well-read, and read constantly.

Timeline: This will obviously vary, depending on how well the piece is written, the word count, and the type of feedback you request. I read quickly, but I like to give very thorough reviews, no matter what type of feedback you're requesting.

Contact: PM the title, genre, short synopsis, word count, and the type of feedback you'd like.