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Sat Nam! (literally "Truth Name"--a Sikh greeting)

I don't see them as contradictory at all.

If all things come from God, including atheism, then it stands to reason that the ability to distinguish the presence of the Divine or not would be inherent (AKA genetic, AKA put there by God).

But if you want to see those things as contradictory, that's fine with me.


Siri Kirpal
The contradiction lies in the assumption that being able to distinguish the Divine is necessary for human spiritual good. If it is then atheists would be deliberately created incapable of receiving and/or employing such spiritual good.

If the ability isn't necessary than religion is simply one way in which humans achieve spiritual good and therefore confers no spiritual superiority to those who seek religious life over those who do not.

That's fine by me, but that's a view rarely espoused by those who adhere to religions who most commonly assert such a superiority.