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Thread: Twitter hashtag for writers who write strong female characters

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    reading all the things Anna Iguana's Avatar
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    Jan 2017

    Twitter hashtag for writers who write strong female characters

    #51writers is a Twitter-based group for authors who write strong female characters.

    A few lovely people from AW may be involved. Also, a few scoundrels... *side-eyes Andi and Murie*


    The plan is to share craft tips, support each other, and chat about #51writers prompts. After Twitter conversations earlier this month, about fifty-one people got the group going.

    Our name also nods to a historic, majority-minority status of women (the 51%). Gender isn’t that simple, and we’re open to all.

    Starting in July, @51writers will tweet daily prompts. We’ll try a mix of questions and see what engage us. Visit the #51writers hashtag to hop into conversation, and if you like, follow @51writers for a daily prompt and rare updates.

    If you decide to check us out, thank you. The more we are, the stronger we are!

    More info: (links to Twitter thread)

    PS, I hope this goes without saying: #51writers is a complement, in no way a substitute, to this awesome AW community. I appreciate you guys every day.
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