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Thread: Betas needed for 105k Adult Contemporary Urban Fantasy

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    Betas needed for 105k Adult Contemporary Urban Fantasy

    EDIT: majorly updated.

    Hello! I'm looking for a few betas for my 105k contemporary urban fantasy, where witches and werewolves might lift civilization to the stars if humanity doesn't violently decide otherwise.

    My working title is SYLVAN DEMONS. Here's a query:


    The supernatural world revealed itself 15 years ago, in 2001. Thanks to those involved, there wasn’t a war. Nowadays, anyone can enroll in arcanaeum to become a witch and emergency first aid is a shot of temporary lycanthropy.

    When fellow witches force Zakariya Bhat out of his enchanted produce business, he moves to his deceased grandmother’s house in Sylvan Valley, to rebuild his life and farm in the Rockies of Colorado. But the Valley is home to a branch office of the multinational magic and medicine corporation, Effect Pharma, where witch Society reigns and Zac is an avowed outsider.

    Jenny Cole, alpha werewolf and investigator for Effect Pharma, protects the people of the Valley how she once failed to protect her own: with permanent, bloody solutions. So when three people are murdered on her watch and a terraforming research base destroyed, with zero clues to follow, because some unknown plant witch cleaned the scene, she is ready for Zac to reveal himself as the killer.

    While witch Society works to expand humanity past Earth, the Coalition of Benevolent Fire works to destroy all those touched by magic. Unless Jenny can sniff out the culprits and do what she does best, the Coalition might get their wish in Sylvan Valley by using Zac, whether he wants to, or not.

    SYLVAN DEMONS is like the THE MAGICIANS taken in the direction of Glen Cook’s DARKWAR, but with mostly queer characters. Zac and Jenny are both gay POC. SYLVAN DEMONS has series potential.


    SYLVAN DEMONS contains: Multi POV, LGBT, Brandon Sanderson-type magic system, gore, found families, enemies to lovers, platonic life partners, mystery, intrigue, science fantasy, women in STEM.

    SYLVAN DEMONS does NOT contain: rape, a lot of sex scenes, racism, sexism.

    Please PM me if you're interested in betaing. I'm looking for anything you're willing to give. Big Picture, LBL, harsh crits, 'I stopped reading because of X', it's all good. I can take it.

    I might be willing to do a trade if you have something similar.

    Thank you!
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    I'd like to check out your first chapter - do you think you can send me the password? I can't enter the site without it. =/



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