Tra la, it's May! (Mad props to anyone who can identify the source of this month's title quote.)

Congratulations to everyone who achieved their April CampNaNo goals (and condolences to those who, like me, fell short). S'mores all around!

It's a bright new month and time to set our goals. As usual, I'll get us started off. My main goal is to finish the clean-up of my current draft of Book #4 in my series - I got a good start last month and probably have about another 60K to go.

1. Complete revision/rewrite of Book #4 - currently at 53,875
2. Explore NYC with at least two jaunts to places I've never been
3. Read five books
4. Write at least one blog post
5. Continue reading at least three "My Writing Day" essays from The Guardian series per week
6. Submit a short story to at least one market

So...what are YOUR goals for May?