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Thread: How Laverne helped me to have my cake and eat it, too!

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    blue eyed floozy shakeysix's Avatar
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    May 2007
    St. John, Kansas

    How Laverne helped me to have my cake and eat it, too!

    Just finished off my last piece of birthday cake. It was the best cake I have had in my life--well, since a three layer white on white cake with raspberry jam slathered between the layers, that my Grandmother made for my sixth birthday, but that I may have only dreamed, since no one remembers it but me-- and I came by this wondrous cake thanks to an AW connection.

    Earlier this year I was writing a funeral scene and needed a spectacular but portable bereavement food for a character to bring to the family's house. Now, I don't bake, or even cook much beyond grilling a sandwich, and this character is a cook in a local (but semi-fictional) restaurant, so this had to be right. I PMed Laverne and she came right back with a Butter Pecan Rum Cake that is both beautiful and naughty. Being Laverne she also sent the recipe. Since it was fairly complex, using cake mixes and requiring that I melt stuff in a pan on an actual stove, I gave it to my sister. She bakes my birthday cake every year, a special request that usually turns out to be a refrigerated Lime Rickey Cake with Raspberry Sauce. (Recipe upon request.) This year I asked her to make Laverne's Butter Pecan Rum Cake instead and am so glad I did! My sister, BIL and I each ate 2 pieces without even remembering there was vanilla ice cream to go with it. I shared it with my daughter and grand daughter, they loved it. I froze the last six pieces and today I had the last. We are talking about doing this cake for our 4th of July picnic.

    Anyway the cake experience got me to thinking about AW. We do our share of scrapping and sniping but there are real friendships here, and we do interact. Bronco once advised me on the difference between the front and back of toddler Huggies. Nymtoc checked in right after Kansas suffered that frightening 0000000.01 earth quake, to see how I was doing. Papers slid off a desk and wineglasses in the kitchen rattled so I was beside myself, practically dithering. Even though I live in a town of less than 1,000 in a county of less than 4,000 I do feel connected to the whole wide world.

    Bufty was my fisrt friend. He still checks in from time to time. Night is a funny guy. Marymumsy has a connection to a small town in the next county. We trade tornado news. I have a giant and healthy German Queen tomato started by seed sent by MrsMig. Regdog treated me to a transformers convention. Laverne, shakesbear and others held my e-hand during my decision to retire. macallister lacygne and blackbird have spent time in Ks. and have memories that go beyond dust, flat plains and tumbleweeds. Others have advised me and made me laugh. Helix is always giving me the bird news. Haskins gave me a word of encouragement that I will never forget. I don't want to list any others because I know I am forgetting some but, with the current atmosphere of uncivility and peevishness in the world, let's take a minute to appreciate what we have here!

    I can't think of all the interactions because I have been a member for ten years but surely other people have some to share.--s6
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