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Thread: Identify your legislators that you want to win or lose in 2018, start campaigning

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    Thumbs up Identify your legislators that you want to win or lose in 2018, start campaigning

    I've been working to get rid of Dave Reichert, our House Rep, for more than a decade. He's had a voting record that has been straight GOP, anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, you name it, if it's Progressive, he's knee-jerk against it.

    We almost had him out twice but he squeaked by. On the third time, the districts were shifted making his district more Republican and establishing a new district that leans Democratic which my neighborhood ended up in.

    But in 2018, he's vulnerable again because of Trump. He's trying to distance himself, refusing to hold town meetings over the threat to the ACA claiming it was a security threat to hold such meetings. Not the first time he lied about security or police matters.

    He claims continually that as King County Sheriff he got the Green River Killer. He didn't. Gary Ridgeway was interviewed when Reichert was the top sheriff but never arrested. Only after Reichert left office was Ridgeway arrested. From the time Ridgeway came to police attention until he was finally arrested, 30 more women were murdered, and 7 or more are possibly on that list. So out of the 49 murders Ridgeway was convicted of, 30 of them occurred after he came to Reichert's attention before another officer in the force took the steps that actually stopped Ridgeway.

    MythBusters: Dave Reichert Did Not Catch the Green River Killer
    Even then, on Sheriff Reichert's watch, the saliva sample that could have busted Ridgway as early as 1996 when the DNA technology became available, was not tested until 2001.

    Women died in that interim.

    In fact, as Part II of Hood's series explains, Reichert actually bungled the case almost from the start of the investigation:

    Frank Atchley, who supervised Reichert in the 1980s, told the P-I that Reichert "actually was more of an impediment to the investigation. He was probably the worst detective I've ever worked with," Atchley said. "He developed tunnel vision."

    He's talking about Reichert's lock on one suspect: an ornery cab driver named Melvyn Foster. They had butted heads in an interview early on and Guillén writes, "... an acrimony developed that seemed to taint Reichert's judgment on Foster's viability as a suspect for years." He was so convinced of Foster's guilt, the task force focus disasterously excluded everyone else.

    Including Ridgway, who our local media myth-makers fail to tell us, became one of the earliest suspects in the case, after an area woman accused him of trying to abduct and strangle her... the Green River Killer's signature M.O. So much of a suspect that the brother of Ridgway's employer claimed in a call to my former 710-KIRO radio show, that the police went as far as to interview him.

    Interviewing family members of employers; that shows a certain amount of interest. But Reichert was so focused on his ornery cab driver, that they let Ridgway go, allowing him to continue his killing spree for 18 more years, until someone in the Sheriffs office — not Reichert — took the initiative to DNA-test a near two-decades old saliva sample.
    It's unbelievable this man has been riding the coattails of that lie all this time. Reichert beat one opponent when he came out at the last minute with a negative campaign ad that she claimed to have an economics degree when she only had a classes equivalent of a minor and no official minor degree.

    Yet the Democrats here have been unable (or unwilling) to expose Reichert's lie that he caught the Green River Killer. So I'm going to go on a one person campaign to expose that lie to a wider audience. Not sure exactly how but I have an idea to talk about all the women that were murdered in those 18 years, one at a time and see who I can get to spread that in the Progressive echo chamber.

    Wait, do we have a Progressive echo chamber? We need one.

    So I propose folks identify other vulnerable seats in 2018 and make some plans.
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