A succubus has been summoned from hell to our realm by a fool using an ancient text called "demonic pacts for dummies "(placeholder title don't worry). The ritual goes horribly wrong due to incorrect information and resulted in the summoner''s death. The succubus is now free to roam our realm unsupervised and begins terrorizing the populace by leaving a string of bodies in her wake. A succubus has a number of advantages over a human, including increased strength, speed, resistance to harm, and telepathic powers. It has the ability to hypnotize it's victims, putting them into a deep trance. A pleasant, euphoric haze descends on the victim who is under her spell, making them very open to suggestion. This ability only works on men, and uses a large amount of energy (mana) from a succubus to use. The creature can also use polymorphization to slightly adjust and tweak it's features, changing its appearance as needed, but always in the form of a human woman. It needs to hunt every month or so to recharge it's mana reserves. The longer it goes without food, the less control it has over its faculties. At some point, it will force itself on the closest individual it can find.

The creature feeds by preying on men that it seduces. It absorbs the mana from their souls, leaving them desiccated, dried up husks that are later disposed off. Sex with a succubus is far more enjoyable than with a mortal human, which it uses to release the energy from the victim. After the soul is eaten, the creature gains the memories and abilities of the person. The strength of its abilities continues to grow as it feeds off of more prey. At some point, it can completely "dominate" it's victims, enslaving them to its will. A human under its spell at that point would do anything they are told to do by her, including murder, steal, or die. Hypnotization only works on one person at a time while the succubus is weak. As it grows in strength, it can extend it to multiple victims, but can use up it's mana more quickly.

Citizens are terrified and authorities are in panic. Hundreds of unexplained disappearances become commonplace, with victims later turning up scattered around the city. The bodies resemble dried up corpses similar to raisins being left out in the sun for too long. The succubus enjoys the fear that she is instilling, and is no closer to being found. The body count continues to pile up with no end in sight.

I'm trying to salvage the concept of the succubus without turning it into some kind of hentai. Rather than portray it as the sexy, fetishized interpretation of this creature, such as in the show "lost girl", make it out to be a dangerous predator with the pathology of a serial killer, along the lines of catherine tranell or hannibal. Im thinking that telling it from the creatures point of view would be even more disturbing. It would be a look into the mind of a sociopathic monster that sees human beings only as a food source, killing without conscience and destroying lives for its own amusement. Does a sex related story of a monster like this inevitably devolve into fetishist territory, or can it actually work as horror?