Hey Steven, just wanted to jump in, say hi, and answer a few questions. I replied on your April blog post too.

Firstly, thanks for mentioning the site, it relies on word of mouth to attract new members.

I built the site myself (had to learn a lot to do that), and I funded it myself for the first year to show my commitment to it (I'm not a rich man). Now members can contribute to the running costs via Patreon if they so wish, but nobody has to.

I won't deny that I'm somewhat disappointed with the lack of success stories thus far. It's been nearly 14 months now and I'm only aware of one spec script sale, a bunch of short options, and a load of anecdotal reports of members being contacted by industry members. It keeps me up and night and I'm always working to try and improve things. It's just very time consuming when combined with my working life, hobbies, activities, and of course, writing. Plus, there's some things that are just way beyond my skills with code at the moment.

It is free though and I believe the site will attract more industry members in the future. I see some heavy hitters signing up from time to time. There were two from a reputable management agency in LA who signed up only last week. It's going to be slow though, and screenwriters will always lean toward the paid services due to their exclusivity.

Stick with it and worry not that there' some sort of money making scheme behind it. There really isn't. I'm here to build my career as a writer and that's it. Script Revolution is all about curbing the tide of paid for writing services, keeping the door open for the next generation, and opening up the global screenwriting market.