Finished the game last night. What an experience. The world is beautiful, mysterious and well-thought-out. The story is immersive, filled with characters I easily empathized with. Especially with the heroine, Aloy. Great voice-acting all around. The story leads you through a more or less fixed path, but sometimes gives you the opportunity to react a certain way, or choose to help someone or not, which does impact the story in meaningful ways.

Combat is vicious. Even with end-game equipment, if I heard a Thunderjaw around the corner, I quietly went the other way, my heart thumping in my chest. I may be getting too old for this shit. The game offers various solutions for every combat situation. You can play it stealthily, come out spear swinging, or pepper your enemies from a distance with an array of different bows and arrows.

The game-engine seemed to work like a charm. I noticed some glitching, nothing serious. No loading times if you traverse the world on foot. And it is a big ass world. The eye for detail is impressive. Day and night, weather, animal and plantlife, it's all pretty convincing.

The game made a fan out of me and I can't wait for for any DLC they've got planned, or perhaps a second installment. Best game I have played in years.