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Thread: Art and athletics: Twins separated at birth?

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    Practice, rehearsal, training: Sport, artistic performance, soldiering and, yes, writing all share these, and in all these examples the preparation takes place largely out of view of an audience. I don't think that is the best place to seek a difference.

    Scripted versus non: Cornflake has a valid point, so far as Hamlet goes. (Although Tazlima makes an equally valid one about how no two performances of a play can be identical.) A better example for the comparison I sought might be improvisational musical performance, such as the (optional!) cadenza that formed part of piano concerto performances during the romantic period. Even today, the soloist is at liberty to improvise a cadenza in performances of Beethoven piano concerti, although few pianists today choose to. I've read that Beethoven's method of composition appears to have been largely improvisational.

    Also, not for nothing, but critical reception by the audience does not, in any way, depend on primarily aesthetic judgments. I left that for last because I have kind of no idea what you mean by it. Dominic Hasek was an incredible goaltender. He looked ridiculous in goal -- he referred to himself as a flopping fish, and he was not wrong. He didn't follow convention, as many great players don't, but he was amazing.
    I don't have a firm definition of aesthetics to defend, but in this context I might call it "beauty in action" and Cornflakes's opinion of Dominic Hasek as "amazing" an aesthetic judgement. That puts me in Maze Runner's court.

    Understand, I'm not trying to lay down the law; I'm interested in people's opinions on this question, and why they hold them. I'm getting a sense that those opinions can be strongly held, and vigorously defended. Also interesting.
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