This is a wee bit unusual, quoting Will from a recent DDP post, redirecting URLs could cause usual links to not work, note the temporary IP address if this happens:

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Either tonight or tomorrow at some point, I'm going to have to wrap this all up. I've done backups, etc. for everything so hopefully that might help down the road in some fashion.

When I make the change part of this will involve re-directing the forums to a notice about what is going on so that someone that hasn't visited in awhile won't simply get a blank page. Might take a little doing to iron all out, since I also want to see about redirecting any and all URLs going into the forums to the page as well so no one is wondering where particularly thread link went if it was posted elsewhere.

As a courtesy to some of you regulars, you should be able to use during all this the following link to at least check in a few more times, once the "regular" URL redirect takes place:

It won't last for long, but it might help for a day or so, if need be.