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Thread: Done Deal Pro message board

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    Done Deal Pro message board

    Edit/update: thanks to a quick gofundme campaign, the DDP board is staying up for another year!

    Done Dealers, welcome to the Absolute Write message board, if you dropped by for a look-see.

    For info, the DDP message board is closing up soon, as per Will's announcement in The Forums thread in DDP's Announcements, News, & Opportunities forum. (Only the message board is closing, the main Done Deal Pro site is still running happily.)

    You're welcome to camp out here in Scripts, Stage, and Screen discussion forum, and we also have a Screenwriting sub-forum in the Share Your Work area (password = vista) for feedback on loglines and screenplay samples.

    Rough ideas can be outlined and made less rough in Brainstorming Sandbox forum (password = vista).

    Films and TV series are discussed in Movies, TV, and Theater forum.

    Have a look around, acquaint yourself with the many forums here, which might interest you if you're also into writing prose, or anything else for that matter.

    Shout out if you have any questions.

    -Derek (dpaterso on the Done Deal Pro board, also)

    PS - Will also created a Facebook group for DDers to hang out on also, you'll need to request to join the group if you haven't already.

    PPS - be aware that when you register here, your registration needs to be verified by our site admin in order to block the endless horde of spambots determined to introduce you to mole removal offers on Groupon. Said verification may lead to a slight delay -- but you will receive a confirmation email as soon as it gets done. So please be patient!
    Last edited by dpaterso; 05-08-2017 at 05:35 PM. Reason: Change of plan, the DDP message board is still in business.
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