Bono of U2, "The reason I never get tired of listening to Bob Dylan, is because there are so many of him."

This guy is divisive. How many people I know dislike his singing, don't care for his music, and really, just don't seem to like him. I'll say for the record that, for a guy who wasn't blessed with a great singing voice (in the traditional sense) he knows how to communicate a song. As far as his compositions, many believe that he writes good songs, but they're just not their cup of tea. Hard to understand, because he's written so many different types of songs--I think because he's been so prolific for so long they often don't know a big % of his songs. I'll go out on a long limb and say he is the greatest single songwriter in the post-standard era. He is a polarizing figure as far as his personality. Many people see him as aloof, belligerent, and just plain nasty. I believe this is because he's been unwilling to compromise himself for anybody's benefit. Maybe he believes that his only hope as an artist is to stay true to himself--and, to be allowed to grow as he sees fit.

How do you feel about Dylan? His music? Don't care?