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Thread: I知 looking into writing scary stories for kids.

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    JoeBrat JoeBrat's Avatar
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    Apr 2017

    I知 looking into writing scary stories for kids.

    Hi everyone, this is my second post. I'm new to writing on forums and writing books in general. Well, I guess I have written a few books in the past. They didn't do so well, so I was discouraged from writing for several years. I spent that time learning about writing fiction books. I've always had a fascination with writing MG books. I guess I just like to write books my kids would read. So, I worked on my structure of writing. I spent a lot of time trying to create plots that have a great twist. Then I worked on the establishment of the dialog that made my characters come to life. I wrote many short stories for my kids over the years. Several friends have told me my work was fun to read and they would be interested in buying my books.

    Last week I decided I'm ready to give writing another shot. I have a hard time focusing on one story at a time. I think I work better on writing several stories at once. My wife thinks it’s a form of A.D.D., but it really seems to help me progress the books faster. I'm not sure if this is a normal practice though?

    I wanted to write scary stories for kids. I always liked reading them growing up. Still today I binge watch shows like X-file, Outerlimits, and Alfred Hitchcock when I have trouble sleeping. I sat down last week to write some new creative plots for a series of kids scary stories and ended up writing the stories themselves. I currently have two finished books, one book at chapter seven, and six books between chapters three and five.

    My first question is, I have been a professional artist for over fifteen years now but I never made cover art for books. Would you suggest I hire a cover artist to do my covers? I thought about doing the art myself but I know how to create ads and billboards that draw attention. I'm not sure I know what grabs a reader to pick up a book.

    My second question is, I'm stuck between if it is a good idea to self-publish with Amazon? I would like to publish the traditional way but I have no idea how to do it. Would self-publishing with Amazon ruin my chances of finding a traditional publisher?

    If anyone has good advice I would greatly appreciate it. I worked hard on these books and they are my best pieces. I enjoy writing them so much I had to force myself to compress my stories into twenty-five to thirty thousand words. I didn't want my books to be bigger than the books on the market right now for my age group and genre.

    Thanks in advance,
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