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A whole lot of us use a pen name. It takes a particular kind of family, employer, friends, neighbors, etc. to be cool with a person who writes graphically about sex. (Sh, we're supposed to pretend we don't do it or even think about it. How'd I get these kids, again?)
This is so true. I write under my real name, or at least variations of it, and post about my books on social media. Everyone -- friends, family, former coworkers, my husband's coworkers, etc -- are well aware of what I write. There hasn't been backlash per se, so in that respect I've been very fortunate, but there are definitely people who think it's a big joke. I have found that the more they realize I take it seriously (and since I'm making a solid living at it), the more they're willing to respect what I do, but some giggly comments are inevitable.

The best part is when people look at my mom and say "How do YOU feel about what she writes?" And she answers, straight-faced, with, "I buy every book the day it comes out. You might really like [title] or [other title]."

There was some concern early on about how this could affect Mr. TheThinker42's military career, especially once he started getting into the senior ranks where image becomes important when you want to get promoted. But we've pretty much already torpedoed his chances of climbing very high thanks to our decision to not have kids (it's not impossible but very difficult to ascend the upper ranks without the perfect Christmas card family and white picket fence). So we both agreed, to hell with it, and everyone knows what I do.

So I've been very fortunate to have a family and social circle that doesn't act like a bunch of asshats about what I write. Jokes, yes, but it hasn't caused any drama or problems.

Lori, whose name is Lori