Hello all,
I joined a long time ago - can't remember when but this is my first post. I completed my third novel a few weeks ago and getting feedback from beta readers. I self-published the first two books. Despite terrific reviews, I have single-digit $ales each month [and sometimes not that]. I've just started an Amazon advertising campaign. Does anyone have any experience with that?
Writing-wise I also entered a competition called author vs author where two writers square off and alternate chapters every 10 days or less. The writers know nothing about each other nor where the plot will take you. It's been fun but the organization has broken down. I had a really good story going with my anonymous co-author. I think we have great chemistry but I don't know who he/she is.
I'm not sure whether the competition is still on but I would love to find my co-author and work on other projects together.
Should I press the author vs author admin and see if I can linkup with the other writer?
It was amazing to see really interesting and well written chapters flying back and forth after only a day or two.