A new month is upon us, and it's time to set our goals (writerly and otherwise) for the next thirty days. If you're doing the April Camp NaNoWriMo, be sure to keep us posted on your progress - if your Cabin isn't keeping you on point enough! For non-Campers, you're as welcome as ever.

My Camp goal is to get 30k words edited on the rough draft/rewrite of the fourth book in my fantasy series. Since my schedule will calm down somewhat after my show opens April 6th, I'm hopeful I can get even further than that, but we'll see. Now that I won't be stuck inside a dark theater all day long, I'm hoping to get some birding/nature walks done as well, and since I'm still going to be in that dark theatre most evenings with not much to do, I've beefed up my usual reading goal proportionally. So here's what I'm hoping to accomplish in April:

1. Camp Goal - 30k revision/rewrite of Book #4
2. Three one-hour (or better) nature/birding walks
3. Read five books
4. Write at least one blog post
5. Read at least three "My Writing Day" essays from The Guardian series per week
6. Submit a short story to at least one market

What are YOUR April goals?