If you're looking for a place to share your work for critique, Novels isn't the place for that.
But you're in luck, because AbsoluteWrite has an ENTIRE subforum devoted to sharing your work for critique!

Appropriately enough, it's called:

Share Your Work

The password for this section (commonly abbreviated SYW) is vista. It's password protected so that your work won't be archived or scraped by webcrawlers. To start threads in SYW, you must have 50 posts (and that's stated in the Newbie Guide which you should read if you're new).

SYW has sections dedicated to different genres. Within those sections, there are several "First 200 Words" threads to which you can post, even if you don't have 50 posts:

Science Fiction | Fantasy
Romance | Woman's Fiction
Mystery | Thriller | Suspense

There's also Query Letter Hell SYW where you can have your queries, synopses, and back cover blurbs critiqued (read the stickies first!).

If you're not ready for critique but want to bounce some ideas around or focus on worldbuilding, there's the Brainstorming Sandbox (password is also vista).

There's also an entire subforum devoted to Writing Exercises, Prompts & Whimsical Pursuits.

And if you're into NaNoWriMo, check out the NaNoWriMo and Beyond forum.

If you're looking just to share your prose without critique, there is threads for that in Novels: Favorite Lines You've Written.