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If you're a writer and really want to make a graphic novel, but think you need an artist and can't pay one, maybe try giving drawing a try.

I really wanted to second this bc a lot of people can get hung up on their art not being good enough when good writing can more than make up for it.

A really high-level example of this is the One Punch Man franchise that started out as a free webcomic that was drawn by the author and as far as artistic quality goes is a bit... well see for yourself in the links below.

But what set these apart was the unique story and top quality humor that helped it gain popularity despite its messy art. And eventually it got noticed and picked up for a professional artist to rework the illustrations for an official publication. See the link below for how much better the art in that is.

The takeaway here is that as long as the writing is good and whats drawn on the page is understandable to the reader, you don't really need to sweat whether everything is up to a professional print standard.

Keep at it boss!