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Thread: HTTPS and Insecure Site Warning on AW

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    HTTPS and Insecure Site Warning on AW

    It means that we are not currently using https.

    1. We need to purchase a security certificate.
    2. Take the server offline.
    3. Move to a new server.
    4. Install the certificate.

    • We have purchased the certificate.
    • We are picking a date to install it.
    • We will do this very soon.
    • We've been working on this quite a while; it's just server move and install that's left, and that means shutting off AW.

    What does the Insecure Flag Mean?

    HTTPS and SSL certificates are ways to protect the data you send to the site/server and it sends to you.
    The flag means that AW is not currently using HTTPS, and that data you send to the server and it sends back (like posts) isn't encrypted.

    • We don't perform transactions on the site.
    • We don't send financial data.
    • We aren't sending private data, of the sort you might at a bank, for instance.

    But Google search listing, the Chrome web browser, the Firefox browser and versions of all other browsers will start flagging any site that doesn't use HTTPS as insecure.
    Nothing has changed; AW isn't insecure, but we will be using HTTPS as soon as possible.

    Here's some more information:

    2017 is the Year of HTTPS and SSL

    When Will This Happen?

    We don't have a definite date; soon. When we know the date, we'll announce it widely since we'll have to turn AW off for a day or two.


    If you have questions, please ask them here or PM AW Admin or MacAllister.
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