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Thread: Critical eyes required!

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    Critical eyes required!

    Hello all

    Following a recent overhaul of my blog theme (main link here:, I'm looking for a pair of critical eyes (or several pairs, if you fancy having a quick look) to let me know how the following aspects work (or don't) for you:

    - Ease of Navigation. Is anything too vague/unclear, or difficult to navigate?

    - How the site generally appears in your browser/monitor. I've tested on various browsers across 2 PCs, but it looks better on my home PC than work PC due to larger monitor size at home.

    - How off-putting is the 'pin' symbol which comes up on my header on any static page (such as this: I find it annoying and am tempted to remove Pinterest because of it, however, this would probably also remove the 'Pin it' button from the bottom of my blog posts.

    - On any page or blog post, I currently have the 'official' social media buttons. An alternative is to use WordPress's uniform 'grey' buttons for these instead. Do you think they look okay as-is?

    Anything else you may wish to comment on style/layout would be super. No need to worry about content or actually reading anything I've blogged, as it's primarily the aesthetics and the GUI I'm currently tweaking.

    Thanks in advance!

    (I forgot to say, the theme should be optimised automatically for mobile devices, but if you're viewing from a phone or tablet and notice any issues, please let me know!)
    Last edited by The Urban Spaceman; 02-16-2017 at 12:27 PM.

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