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Thread: Free promotions for fresh bookfront + blog

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin Mr.Bohemian's Avatar
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    Feb 2017

    Free promotions for fresh bookfront + blog


    I am a theater playwright. I am starting my own way in blogging and live promo. I am giving away sweet and sincere, free promo spots to any ebook authors, except erotica.

    Your ebooks are sick. This doctor has the cure!

    Every weekend, I set up my "office" in the darling, well-to-do neighborhood of Bucktown, Chicago. Many of these city folks walking their dogs and kids love to pop in and preview a good deal.

    What I will do with this gig:
    • Your book will be my "patient".
    • I will put your patient's "medical form" on a clipboard.
    • I will "diagnose" your book with information provided.

    Your book's medical form will also appear on my parallel blog, link below.

    This promo is FREE for all who can maintain body temperature. Please message me or comment here.

    Blog destination link:
    Fiverr service with more details ( Offer is free here ):
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